S.No. Form No. Form Specification
1. FORM-2 Commutation of Pension after Medical Examination
2. FORM-5 Nomination form
3. FORM 3-4 Form of Letter to the Superintendent of a Government Hospital
4. FORM-5A Details  Particulars  of  Government Servant
5. FORM-6 Application for Restoration of Commutation of Pension 
6. FORM-9 Form of Declaration by Govt. Servant for counting specified period of service
7. FORM-9A Form of order for admitting service for pension on the basis of declaration etc. of the Government servant 
8. FORM-14A Form about Details of Particulars for Family Pension
9. FORM-30 Form of application by a pensioner for endorsement of particulars of spouse for post retiral marriage. 
10. FORM-33 Form for sanctioning Provisional Pension/Family Pension and Retirement /Death Gratuity
11. FORM-Pre88 Application for ConsolidationRevision of PRE-109.1998 Pension/ Family Pension 
12. FORM-Life Form For Life Cirtificate
13. FORM-Med Limit Application for RPMF Limit Extension
14. Rev.Pension Application for Revision of Pension/Family Pension